Domestic Violence

Waukesha, Wisconsin, Domestic Abuse Lawyers

Serving Domestic Violence Victims in Milwaukee, Madison, and Across Wisconsin

Research has demonstrated the harmful psychological and emotional effects of domestic violence and women and children. If you are the victim of physical violence or abusive behavior and would like to discuss the legal options available to you to protect you and your children, contact the law office of D’Angelo & Jones, LLP today. We provide free, confidential consultations in order to discuss your situation and what can be done to protect you from an abusive husband, ex-husband, or boyfriend. Our domestic violence attorneys can refer you to shelters, social workers, and a network of support to assist you and your children through a difficult time in your lives. Our office also works hand in hand with authorities to ensure restraining orders are enforced and violations quickly punished.

Protecting You and Your Family

The law office of D’Angelo & Jones, LLP represents victims of domestic violence. Working with the court and police, our lawyers act immediately in order to institute the following:

  • Protective order
  • Restraining order
  • Termination of child custody
  • Full faith and credit provision of Violence Against Women Act (VAWA)

Relocation and Protection Orders

Under the terms of the VAWA, a protection order obtained in one location and state applies to all others. If you and your family have relocated from another state, your protection order remains in effect here in Wisconsin. If your abuser crosses state lines to stalk to harass you, their violation of the protection order becomes a federal crime, subjecting them to harsher sentencing and penalties. However, regardless of whether you have a restraining order or a protection order, once you move to a new state you need to bring a copy of the order to your local court in order to register it with them. Our lawyers can help explain what is involved and help you throughout the process.

Questions? Contact D’Angelo & Jones Today

Our attorneys are prepared to act immediately to ensure you and your children are protected. If you have questions regarding what you can do to protect yourself or enforce a restraining order or protection order already in place, contact the law office of D’Angelo & Jones, LLP today.